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Our Service

Bongani Magatyana is a highly skilled professional singer, music director, composer, and theatrical producer based in South Africa. He offers a range of music services that cater to individuals and groups of all ages and backgrounds. Here are some of the services he provides:

Music Camps

Bongani’s Intensive South African Music Camps provide an immersive experience for participants to learn, collaborate on, and perform traditional South African choral music, allowing them to deeply engage with the cultural significance of this choral heritage. The camps cater to choirs, choir directors, and vocal enthusiasts seeking to expand their musical abilities and appreciation for South Africa’s rich choral traditions.

Zoom Music Workshops

Bongani’s expertise in teaching and co-leading music workshops shines brightly. He offers virtual workshops via Zoom, where he imparts his knowledge of traditional South African music and his original compositions with grace and precision, fostering musical excellence and enriching communities across continents.

In-person African Folk Songs Music Workshop

Bongani is a skilled and passionate music director known for his ability to orchestrate captivating performances. He leads in-person workshops on traditional African folk songs, bringing out the best in musicians and creating unforgettable artistic collaborations.

Set & Host Concerts from Abroad

As a distinguished conductor, Bongani leads choirs with passion and precision across South Africa, Europe, and the United States. He is available to set up and host concerts from abroad, elevating every musical experience with his adept leadership and transformative direction.

Commission Work

BonganiĀ is a composer of remarkable talent, seamlessly blending traditional elements with innovative styles to create captivating and emotionally resonant music. He is available for commissioned compositions that transport audiences to different worlds and leave a lasting impression.

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